“Blossom” Soft Hood Bonnet Dryer attachment


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Get ready for an at home deep conditioning+ drying experience that you have been missing! Love is in the hair, invest in our signature “Blossom” soft bonnet dryer attachment. The “Blossom” is made of a water-proof material that is durable to withstand all the home hair care days to come. This bonnet is also equipped with a drawstring in the front, to adjust for sizing and to keep the bonnet secure when inflated. The bonnet is spacious, perfect for flexi rods, rollers, clips, and more. Did we forget to mention light weight? Yes it is extremely light weight and perfect for travel. The wide hose allows for robust flow of warm air, while conditioning, setting, or styling. The long hose also allows for mobility while you are under the hood. Your new favorite soft bonnet dryer gives an even distribution of air flow, through the hole openings around the dryer, just like the salon. Best used on the dryer’s LOW SETTING, hand washable, and the dryer is not included. * Makes a great gift*


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